Gear Reviews

The means contribute to the end. Usually.

Sonarworks: Reference 4 Plug-In

reviewed by Adam Kagan

When producing, mixing, or mastering, how frequently do you go out to your car and check your mix? Do you listen on three different headphones and a few different Bluetooth speakers? My answer to this...

Steinberg: Cubase Pro 10

reviewed by Andy Hong

Cubase is my primary DAW. It offers me the best performance and user experience for recording and mixing music – whether I'm running it on my Microsoft Surface hybrid tablet/laptop with a...

Mytek: Brooklyn DAC+

reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

I have to stop and reflect on the way we listen to music today versus how I did growing up. It used to be a trip to the now defunct Tower Records or whatever local record store was in my town at the...

Arturia: Pigments

reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

This latest soft synth moves in a totally new direction for Arturia as it’s not an emulation based on a vintage hardware synth (that’s been their stock in trade for over a decade) –...