Gear Reviews


EQs  |  No. 160

Harrison: MR3eq 500 Series EQ

reviewed by Dan Knobler

As noted in my review of their new 32Classic console [Tape Op #159], in the of classic records, Harrison Audio had just as formidable a studio presence as console standard-bearers like Neve, MCI, API,...

EQs  |  No. 153


reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

As an owner of an API 1608 console [Tape Op #81] loaded with a bunch of API 550As, 550bs, and 560s [#26], I’m pretty familiar with API’s EQs in general, and I think they sound great. My...

Eventide: SplitEQ Plug-In

reviewed by Gus Berry

Eventide has released its new innovative EQ plug-in, SplitEQ. I use the word “innovative” because, after only a few minutes of messing around with it, I couldn’t help but wonder how...