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MAAT: thEQorange Plug-In

reviewed by Garrett Haines

MAAT's thEQorange is an update of the famous Algorithmix PEQ Orange linear EQ plug-in. The original Orange EQ (along with its Red sibling) were very popular with mastering houses. Users suggested that...

EQs  |  No. 132

FabFilter: Pro-Q 3

reviewed by Dave Hidek

FabFilter's Pro-Q 3 is the best sounding, most powerful, most flexible EQ plug-in that I've ever used. If you're familiar with FabFilter's line of products, you'll be glad to know that the Pro-Q 3...

EQs  |  No. 132

Boz Digital Labs: The Wall

reviewed by Garrett Haines

I expect many readers are going to want to buy this plug-in within five minutes of trying it. In addition to being a nice limiter for general use, The Wall is superb for adding last minute level to...