For sake of honesty I should confess that I recorded a few songs for Transistor Radio, M. Ward's 2005 album, and I consider Matt a friend even if our busy schedules make hanging out difficult! But one can also be a fan of the people they record, and as many of you know it's much easier to enjoy an album if you didn't have to record it! One aspect of his work I find enjoyable is the melding of many influences into his writing and arrangement, such as the title track where Pet Sounds' era Beach Boys meets Glen Campbell or "One Hundred Million Years", which could have been recorded 80 years ago. Guest performers include Jason Lytle (ex-Grandaddy, at his The Warbler studio, see issue #7, book vol. 1), Lucinda Williams (recorded by Eric Liljestrand at The Village in L.A.), Tom Hagerman of DeVotchka, Rachel Blumberg and Zooey Deschanel (the acclaimed actress who also records as She & Him with Matt). Hold Time features some unique covers - "Rave On" (written and originally recorded by Sonny West, with co-writing by Bill Tilghman and Norman Petty, but more known via Buddy Holly) and Don Gibson's "Oh Lonesome Me" (a #1 hit in 1958). Tracks were recorded in Portland by long-time M. Ward collaborators (and bandmates) Adam Selzer (at his Type Foundry Studio) and Mike Coykendall (at his Blue Room studio). Produced by M. Ward, and mixed (with some additional recording) by Mike Mogis (issue #51) at his Arc Studio in Omaha. Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering in Omaha., -LC

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