Reading Materials

by Larry Crane

THE BEATLES RECORDING SESSIONS The Official Abbey Road Studio Session Notes, 1962-1970  This book is required reading for all Tape Op readers.  Writer and researcher, Mark Lewisohn, also...

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June 15, 1997

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Reviews, etc...

by Larry Crane

So, here's the REVIEWS section.  Tape Op gets a lot of CDs, singles and (yuck) cassettes sent our way.  Most of them are in a box behind my couch and are waiting to be traded in for Beatles...


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End Rant

End Rant #5

by Larry Crane

AUDIO ALCHEMY Various Artists (Ubiquity) I was ready to dismiss the whole trip-hop/dub whatever thing as a waste of time until I heard this stuff.  You can tell there's people out there who...