Women in Audio

Hillary Johnson

by Larry Crane

Hillary first came to Tape Op's attention when she e-mailed us, from New York, with some hot "snapple-micing" tips (see the letters in issue #3).  I was impressed with her rockin'...

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March 15, 1997


Brendan Hoffman

by Larry Crane

We found Brendan doing sound for the Chills on tour.  When he got a look at Tape Op, he wanted to sit in on the interview--and when Martin got called out to autograph a female fan's shirt, "Well,...


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End Rant

End Rant #4

by Larry Crane

MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS A Tree Stump Named Desire (Anyway Records) Ohio must be one of the strangest (and hippest) places on Earth.  Not only is it the home state of well-known esoteric...