Women in Audio

Features on women in audio engineering and production!

Jan. 18, 2017  |  No. 117

Susan Rogers: From Prince to Ph.D.

by Larry Crane

Not only is Susan Rogers a record producer, engineer, mixer, and audio electronics technician, she has a doctorate in psychology (having studied music cognition and psychoacoustics) from McGill...

March 15, 2013  |  No. 94

Linda Gerard: She's Fabulous

by Larry Crane, Jenna Zine

Some time back I was given the interesting job of restoring tapes and 7-inch singles on a unique project for the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs. I enlisted the aid of Jamie Howarth and his...

Nov. 15, 2010  |  No. 80

Dawn Landes

by Larry Crane

Years ago I met a young woman who was assisting at several studios and working with music people around New York City. She hooked Tape Op up with an interesting interview with stomp box designer John...

Nov. 15, 2009  |  No. 74

Working with Leslie Ann Jones

by Richard Barone

Going into the studio as an artist, there's nothing I look for more than magic. When producing someone else's music I get deep into the mechanics of "how", but when it's my own tune, voice and guitar,...

March 15, 1997  |  No. 4

Hillary Johnson

by Larry Crane

Hillary first came to Tape Op's attention when she e-mailed us, from New York, with some hot "snapple-micing" tips (see the letters in issue #3).  I was impressed with her rockin'...