— Contributing —

Can I send Tape Op an idea for an article?

We are usually backlogged with too many articles we can't find room for, but contact Larry with your idea. Please make sure that it hasn't been done before by checking the archives and back issues. You'd be surprised how many readers haven't read all the back issues and books. Please make it clear if this is just an idea you are passing along or if you intend to write it yourself.

Can I write for Tape Op?

Drop Larry a line with what you'd like to write about and your qualifications to do so. Ask for the Writer's Guidelines too. Please be aware that we have a mass of articles already in motion and many on deck that need to run. There isn't enough space for all the articles we get. Also be aware that if you have never interviewed someone and transcribed three hours of talking and then edited it down that it is a lot of work. Many people have started interviews that they never finished. That sucks and makes Tape Op look lame. Don't be one of those people!

Can I write a column for Tape Op?

No. Notice there are no regular columns in Tape Op besides letters, gear reviews, table of contents and the end rant. This is because space is at a premium and we want to offer a variety of features. So the answer is no.