— General Info —

Who works for Tape Op?

Be aware that Tape Op is nobody's full time job. All of us own or work at recording studios, except for Laura whose husband has a nice home studio!

Larry Crane: Editor/Writer
John Baccigaluppi: Publisher/Design/Photography/Advertising Sales
Laura Thurmond: Advertising Sales
Marsha Vdovin: Advertising Sales & Social Media
Geoff Stanfield: Online Publisher
Anthony Sarti: CTO/Digital Director
Andy Hong: Gear Reviews Editor/Writer
Scott McChane: Production Manager/Assistant Gear Reviews Editor

Can I intern for Tape Op?

We generally never need interns but if you really want to do some menial office work, contact John at the San Rafael office.

What issue was so-and-so in?

We have a search engine for this that will scour our entire back issue archive. Please use it!

Can I get Daniel Lanois' [or any other interviewee] email address?

Many times we don't have email addresses for some of our "bigger" interviews. Most "smaller" folks are more than happy to have us run their contact info with their interview, so please check the magazine for these. Please at least do some internet searches before asking us!!!!

Can I post a question to the Letters section of Tape Op?

Sure, but keep in mind the lead time in producing a magazine!

Can you tell me if I should buy this vintage [fill-in-the-blank]?

Not usually. It's not our specialty. Plus we haven't used every obscure tape deck and mic that our readers seem to dig up. Check out the Tape Op Message Board and see what our members have to say!

I'd like to sell Tape Op Magazine in my retail store...

To carry Tape Op in your store, please contact the Hal Leonard E-Z Order Line at (800) 554-0626.

Otherwise, contact one of our distributors and they'd be happy to set that up:

  • Ubiquity - Brooklyn, NY 718-875-5491
  • Small Changes - Seattle, WA <email>

If you can't get Tape Op through these distributors, please email us directly: contact John

Who Started Tape Op?

Larry Crane founded Tape Op in April 1996. John Baccigaluppi and Larry became partners late 1999. Larry primarily is the editor and John the publisher, though they confer on most issues and John has input as to content.