— General Info —

Who works for Tape Op?

Be aware that Tape Op is nobody's full time job. All of us own or work at recording studios! 
Larry Crane: Editor/Writer 
John Baccigaluppi: Publisher/Design/Photography/Advertising Sales

Scott McChane: Gear Reviews Editor/Production Manager
Marsha Vdovin: Advertising Sales & Social Media
Geoff Stanfield: Online Publisher
Anthony Sarti: CTO/Digital Director
Andy Hong: Senior Reviews Contributor at large   

Can I intern for Tape Op?

We generally never need interns but if you really want to do some menial office work, contact John at the San Rafael office.

What issue was so-and-so in?

We have a search engine for this that will scour our entire back issue archive. Please use it!

Can I post a question to the Letters section of Tape Op?

Sure, but keep in mind the lead time in producing a magazine!

Who Started Tape Op?

Larry Crane founded Tape Op in April 1996. John Baccigaluppi and Larry became partners late 1999. Larry primarily is the editor and John the publisher, though they confer on most issues and John has input as to content.

Can I get my organization's or company's content up on the Tape Op website or social media?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: If we tended to every request to place content on our website or social channels we'd literally have no time to do anything else. We focus on working with our current advertising partners (who support us and allow us create content) to amplify their marketing efforts and use our channels to work together with them to bring our readers and 165k social media followers compelling and useful content. It doesn't mean we only post advertiser content, but what we do post is soley at our editorial discretion.