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Can I send our finished CD for review?

Sure, send one copy each to Larry and John:

Tape Op Editorial
Larry Crane
PO Box 86409
Portland, OR 97286

Tape Op Magazine
John Baccigaluppi
PO Box 151079
San Rafael, CA 94915

Realize that we review one or two CDs every two months and that we get sent about 20 per week. Do not make follow up calls or emails asking us if we've received it or if we will we write about it, as they will not be returned.

Can I send you my demo to critique the recording we've done?

You can send anything you want to Tape Op, just do not expect that we have the time or energy to listen to everything we get sent or personally reply to its sender.

Can I send you the new mic preamp, etc. that my company is selling to get reviewed?

Contact Scott McChane, our Gear Reviews Editor for more information.
Please be patient.

All the gear reviews seem to be positive. How come I never read bad reviews in Tape Op?

We strive to review products that we think are relevant to our readers and often pass on reviewing products we think are less relevant or that we feel aren't something we would want to use ourselves. Space in the magazine is very limited and we almost always have far more editorial than we have space for. Our feeling is that we should write about products and gear that we think is worth buying and not waste space writing about things we think suck. These products will disappear soon enough anyway. As far as manufacturer input, when we've finished a review we send it to the manufacturer for a fact check. If we have written something in error, we will correct it. If the manufacturer strongly disagrees with something we've said, we'll sometimes add their comments into the review.

How come you don?t run product photos in the gear reviews section?

1. We'd rather run more interviews and content and these photos would just take up more space.  2. We also think gear photos are usually pretty boring.  3. This way we can run more reviews.  4. You can find photos of gear on numerous websites, so why waste space reprinting them in the magazine?

Sometimes I see an ad for a product that you review right next to the review. This seems biased to me and I don't trust the review to not be influenced by the ad.

Tape Op is a free magazine that is supported by advertising. When we know that we are going to run a review, we contact the manufacturer and let them know the opportunity exists for them to advertise that same product in the magazine and support the review. We are already going to run the review, so if they decide to buy an ad because of that it allows us to add more editorial to that issue. The more ads we have the more editorial we can run. If the ad has a photo of the product, and if our page layout allows us, we will often put the ad next to the review so that you can see a photo of the piece of gear being reviewed.