— Subscriptions —

I'd like a subscription. How do I do that?

Free subscriptions are available in digital format to anyone in the world with a valid email address. All subscribers will receive each new issue of Tape Op directly in their email inbox in a protected PDF format, as well as be able to view all of their current and past delivered issues directly at tapeop.com. You will not be able to access issues from before the date your subscription started, you will need an archive subscription or box set for that.

If you live in the U.S., we will also send you a paper copy of each new issue via good ol' snail mail. Basic print subscriptions are indeed free, but not 100% guaranteed to arrive, or may arrive torn. However, 98% arrive just fine.

Check out our main subscriptions page for all of the above options.

Can I start my subscription with issue number___?

No. Subscriptions start with the next issue to be sent out, not with one that's already out.

The easiest way to access back issues is to purchase one of our online archive subscriptions, which gives you online access to all our back issues back to the year 1996. These are digital copies only, but they have the significant advantage of searchable access. Individual print back issues are available for purchase via Vompire. Browse all our individual issues here.

A recent issue didn't show up. Can you please send me a replacement copy?

We do not replace missed free subscriptions. It seems the postal service loses about 2% of them each issue, which is unfortunately a fair amount of magazines when you're mailing 35,000 copies. But hey, it is a free subscription and 98% of them get there just fine!

Back issues are available here.

If you had a FREE subscription and then stopped receiving issues, several things may have occurred. Subscription renewal is handled via an email to you, once a year. If you have changed your email address between signing up and renewal, then you will not receive this notice and your subscription will be cancelled. If your spam filter grabs it, you will not receive this notice of renewal. If you signed up long ago, before we required an email, then randomly you may be dropped from the mailing list as the list is purged of non-email addresses. In all of these cases, for a free subscription the easiest thing to do is sign up for a new subscription. If you do start receiving extra copies, email subscriptions@tapeop.com and give your address, name and email address used to sign up. 

Where do I change my address, renew my subscription, check my status, etc?

The best way to manage all aspects of your subscription is to log in with your provided email address (reset your password here if need be). Your name will appear in the upper right of the page once logged in - click/tap/headbutt your name to see all your account and subscription information.

If you're not sure what email address you gave us, search for your sub here. If all else fails, you can fill out our lost subscription form and we will look it up ourselves the old fashioned way and send you your information (please allow us some days to do this!)

I'm not sure if my address change went through. Can you check?

See above.

Where can I find a copy of Tape Op in my town?

We don't know exactly. Our distributors send them to lot of stores big and small across the country and Canada, but we don't know what stores carry them for sure. The larger chains like Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and Chapters (in Canada) should have the current issue of Tape Op. Our distributors are CMG and Small Changes, feel free to ask your favorite local newsstand to order Tape Op from one of them!

What's your policy with renting your "free subscribers" information to advertisers?

As you know, Tape Op is a free magazine that's supported by our advertisers. That's how we can afford to print and mail it to you for free. This will include an occasional snail mail piece from some of our advertisers as well as these semi-regular e-zines. We'd like to be a bit more clear about how this works for those of you who are interested in this:

  • Anytime we rent our list, it is for a 'one-time' usage. You are not being added to anyone else's database. 
  • We usually send out our list to a bonded third party mailing house, which further prevents your data from being pirated. 
  • We will only rent out our list to our advertisers who are professional audio companies. You won't be getting anything from long distance companies or timeshared condos in Cabo San Lucas. 
  • Any e-mailed 'spam' will only come from us. We will not give out e-mail addresses to any third party, all e-mail will be forwarded to us and sent to you by us.