Sep/Oct 1999

Welcome to issue #14 of Tape Op.


Welcome to Tape Op number 14!

Unplug the patch cables, normalize the board, put on some Booker T and let's hang out. I've realized recently that my introductions to recent issues have been very formal, so I decided to throw in a more personal slant. I run a studio, Jackpot! Recording, as many of our long-time readers might know, and that's where I make my "real" income. It's a fun job, the best I've ever had, but seems to always pull me into debt. The month of August was one of the slowest times ever, and I'm sure I lost money, but it gave me a lot of time to rack up a bunch of Quad-Eight modules and rewire some of my patchbay. There's a lot of great records that we [me, Joanna Bolme and some of the boys] did at Jackpot! that are out now or real soon, like Quasi, The Cavemannish Boys, Pete Krebs, Welcome, Third Sex, Richmond Fontaine, Niven, Sarah Dougher, The Dickel Brothers and more. It's a blast to work with these people and to try new recording ideas out too. I also play bass in Elephant Factory (buy one of our CDs!) and in Foggy Notion, a Velvet Underground "tribute band," which includes my lovely girlfriend Jane. Anyway, what I'm trying to get across is that TAPE OP is made by real people who play in bands and record albums while having fun, not by a bunch of publishing guys in fancy hi-rise offices. Shit yeah.

Now get out there and record something!

Larry Crane, editor

— Larry Crane, editor

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Elliot Peter Earls

by John Baccigaluppi

In theory, the proliferation of low cost multi-track recording devices has democratized the recording process and put these tools into the hands of many people who previously didn't have access to...


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End Rant

Going Down in History

by Larry Crane

How do you want to go down in history? For many of us, all that most people will know of us when we're gone will be our names listed on some records, CDs and such. How do you wish to be seen in...


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Minimus 7 Speakers

by Realistic  |  reviewed by Steve Silverstein

It is not uncommon for someone with access to limited resources to use home stereo speakers for monitoring. I found it interesting, though, when I learned how many recording studios with other...

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Music Reviews

Swinger 500 CD

by Chris & Carla | reviewed by Steve Silverstein

With the introduction of 8 track recording in the mid-1960's, enough tracks were available to record a song as separate parts instead of needing to have everyone play at once. With records such as...

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Trail Of Stars CD

by The Walkabouts | reviewed by Larry Crane

Phill Brown, in issue #12, talked with us about his recording styles while he was in the middle of making this record, and it's a great example of his work. With his Talk Talk/Mark Hollis work the...

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Echo Box CD

by Beat Down Sound | reviewed by Larry Crane

I love keyboards, I dig instrumental music, and I like home recordings. Beat Down Sound are drums, bass and keys with a little bit of guitar and one vocal track. The music reminds me of Booker T,...

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Guilty Party 7”

by Out Hud | reviewed by Steve Silverstein

A friend insists that I spend an absurd amount of money to buy the original issue of Public Image's Metal Box, because the bass will just jump out of my speakers. For now, I'm living with the much...

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Fellow Workers CD

by Ani Difranco & Utah Phillips | reviewed by Leigh Marble

You should check out this album because: 1. It contains stories from a people's history of the United States, stories of strikes and mining towns, that you're unlikely to find anywhere else, and 2. It...

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Do the Collapse CD

by Guided By Voices | reviewed by Larry Crane

God, I hate record reviewers, especially the smug, confused bastards that write for little 'zines. They're all gonna (once again) tell us how Bob Pollard and company sold out by going into a fancy...



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