I recently learned that mic-clip thread adapters-typically called "Euro thread adapters"-fit onto standard camera tripods. This is good news if you are on a budget or have to travel with stands. An inexpensive tripod is typically very light and a lot more stable than an inexpensive mic stand. Some tripods have hooks built into the center post for attaching weights to increase stability; you could anchor the stand to an unused bass head with a belt strap from the hardware store, for instance. Then you can trust your boomed Blue Bottle to an inexpensive tripod. Compare that to the $250+ Atlas SB-36 stand you'd typically need. Okay, if you can afford the Blue Bottle, you can afford the Atlas, but the same applies for my much lighter mics that tipped over onto a drummer because I had them on cheap stands. If you want to look into tripods, I recommend Dynatran from Amvona.com as the best cost/performance ratio I know of. My tripod, a Dynatran AT-CF94, is made of an anti-vibrational carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. It can be raised high-up to 69". It is light-under 5 lbs. And it can hold 17 lbs. My Crown SASS-P is awe inspiring on top of this stand-very high tech looking. I got my AT-CF94 for $100 on eBay because Amvona auctions surplus equipment. Check the Amvona website for details on the many other models they offer, including the AT-02T Nomad. This model is not at all what you'd see at Wolf Camera for $40. It is made of aluminum alloy, will hold over 15 lbs, extends to 58" height, and weighs only 3.3 lbs. It's not anti-vibrational, but you could go hiking with a few of them and record in the wilderness. It looks a lot more professional than a typical $40 mic stand to me. Finally, my mini tripod, which can be had for $5 online, makes a great desktop stand. If you need Euro thread adapters, they are 99 online. (AT-CF94 $203 direct, AT-02T Nomad $39; www.amvona.com)

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