Gear Reviews

by Adam Kagan

AEA: N22 ribbon mic

reviewed by Adam Kagan

When I think of AEA, I think of vintage-styled, classic ribbon mics. The AEA R-series harks back to RCA ribbon mics in both looks and tonal qualities, while AEA's modern manufacturing approach...

LightDims: LED covers

reviewed by Adam Kagan

Over the past year or two, I have had many pieces of both professional audio gear and consumer electronics that employ exceedingly bright LED lights. In the studio, these lights can be especially...

Rockruepel: comp.two compressor

reviewed by Adam Kagan

The Rockruepel comp.two, designed and hand-built by Oliver Gregor in Germany, is the successor to the [Tape Op #86], released in 2011. The received excellent reviews, and surprised...