Gear Reviews

by Adam Kagan

Meris: Mercury7 500-series Reverb

reviewed by Adam Kagan

Meris may not yet be a household name in pro audio, but its team of three have put in plenty of time developing products and designs for companies like Strymon and Line 6, and working creatively for...

AEA: N22 ribbon mic

reviewed by Adam Kagan

When I think of AEA, I think of vintage-styled, classic ribbon mics. The AEA R-series harks back to RCA ribbon mics in both looks and tonal qualities, while AEA's modern manufacturing approach...

LightDims: LED covers

reviewed by Adam Kagan

Over the past year or two, I have had many pieces of both professional audio gear and consumer electronics that employ exceedingly bright LED lights. In the studio, these lights can be especially...