Gear Reviews

by Tom Fine

RØDE: NTH-100 Headphones

reviewed by Tom Fine

Long a well-reputed maker of microphones, Australian company RØDE has jumped into the crowded, but red-hot headphones market with both feet. The NTH-100 'phones are closed-back and designed for...

Neumann: NDH 30 Headphones

reviewed by Tom Fine

Back in 2019, I reviewed Neumann's first foray into headphones, the closed-back NDH 20 [Tape Op #132]. At that time, its parent company Sennheiser was still in the consumer headphone business. Now...

Neumann: NDH 20 Headphones

reviewed by Tom Fine

Neumann made its bones on the microphone side of the audio business. From its 1928 founding by Georg Neumann, through its 1991 acquisition by the Sennheiser family-owned company, Neumann was...

Hafler: P3100 Studio Power Amp

reviewed by Tom Fine

As Canada's Radial Engineering continues to revive the Hafler brand (acquired in 2014 from Rockford Corporation), its latest move is into power amplifiers. First out of the gate is a revival of...