J Mascis

by Bryan Bingold

The Crystal Ballroom, in Portland, OR, suddenly fell silent as J Mascis, shuffled on stage in a parka and a purple scarf. After an extended lunch break, Mascis arrived to do the soundcheck before the...

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Jan. 15, 2002


Jan Muchow: Recording in Prague

by Heather Mount

On a typically miserable Prague spring day I hauled over to Jan Muchow's studio for an interview. The studio, Balance, is just off the notorious Wenceslas Square in Prague, just by the famed locus...

Jan. 15, 2002


Jan Muchow and Studio Balance

by Heather Mount

How did you start playing music?When I was about 15 I played soccer, I actually thought I wanted to be like the new Diego Maradona or something. My older brother started to play acoustic guitar...


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RBL Ribbon Microphone

by Reslosound  |  reviewed by Martin Chittum

Reslo ribbon mics were really popular in the U.K. during the mid '60s. In some of the famous photos of the Beatles in their early years, you can see John and Paul singing through Reslo mics. Even...

C-1, C-3

by Studio Projects  |  reviewed by Ed Pettersen

You've probably heard something already about all the inexpensive mics being manufactured in China, with the idea being that they capture the magic and essence of the classic German mics at a fraction...

Model 101 microphone preamp

by Grace Design  |  reviewed by Martin Chittum

After building a formidable reputation with their Model 801 and 201 (8 and 2-channel, respectively) preamps, Grace Design now offers their venerable design in a single- channel that's priced for the...

2-610 Tube Mic Pre

by Universal Audio  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

This 2-channel tube mic pre is built by the Putnam Bros. [see Tape Op # 24] and is based on the Universal Audio 610 Console their father, Bill Putnam Sr., designed and built. Those consoles (and by...

CaiLube MCL

by CAIG  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Maybe Andy hasn't seen this one, but CaiLube MCL has saved my ass in recent years. It's a Moving Contact Lubricant for potentiometers, meaning faders, volume knobs and such. I picked it up hoping that...

DeoxIT D5, PreservIT P5

by CAIG  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

How often do you find yourself in the middle of a session, pulling cables in and out, wiggling connectors from side to side, or turning knobs back and forth, hoping to get rid of that intermittent but...

Multi-Z DI Box

by Little Labs  |  reviewed by Ed Pettersen

From the moment you receive your Little Labs Multi-Z DI, you'll realize it's obvious designer Jonathan Little has spent his share of time in recording studios as it is easily the most versatile and...