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Nov. 15, 2001


Rupert Neve: Pro Audio Guru

by Steve McAllister

There is a humble man who lives in the small town of Wimberley, Texas. His name is on recording consoles all over the world, and so many important works of music have run through his signal chains...


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End Rant

End Page

by Don Fury

I watched the twin towers burning from a train on the Manhattan Bridge, hundreds of feet above the East River. And again from Union Square at 14th Street, where the image of the towers, flames, and...


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HEDD 192

by Crane Song  |  reviewed by Larry DeVivo

One of the more interesting signal processors to come along has to be the HEDD 192 from Crane Song. HEDD stands for Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device and is quite unlike any other processor on the...

LeVeLAr Compressor/Limiter

by ART  |  reviewed by Jonathan Sterne

LeVeLAr is a single channel tube compressor/limiter designed for home recordists and small project studios. Some tube purists find ART devices to be gimmicky, but home recordists like myself find them...


Model ASC EQ

by Speck Electronics  |  reviewed by Eric Tischler

The Speck is a four-band, one-channel EQ. The low end operates between 20 and 150 Hz with a peak/shelf switch. The low-mid is switchable, with a sweep of either 40 to 800 Hz or 400 Hz to 8 kHz, and...


560 graphic EQ

by API  |  reviewed by Mike McDonald

You have all heard the "professionals" rave about them but even as a "project-studio" recordist I'm way down with the API. I mean, what other company do you know that has built shit almost exactly the...

LA-2A Leveling Amplifier

by Universal Audio  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

As you probably know by now, especially after issue 24's feature interview, the Putnam brothers reactivated their dad's company and started building some of his old products again. And they are...

M-80 8 Channel Mic Pre

by PreSonus  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

This is eight Class A FET mic pres with custom input transformers in a double space rack. The power supply is pretty heavy duty and is external to the unit with a multi- pin cable connector. Each pre...

Demonstration CD

by Royer Labs  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Ostensibly this is a promotional device (only $3.50, for shipping) for Royer ribbon mics, a product that we highly recommend here at Tape Op, but there's something that makes this CD a cut above....


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Music Reviews

Not on the Menu

by Crowns on 45 | reviewed by Larry Crane

Hillary Johnson is Tape Op's website designer and an occasional writer, but she's also member (keyboards) and engineer/producer for the Crowns on 45. This NY five piece would sit well on a bill with a...

Music Reviews

The Argument

by Fugazi | reviewed by Larry Crane

How many albums have Fugazi recorded at Inner Ear with Don Zientara? Don't they ever get tired of each other? How come the records always sound so good? How come they always make an album that's a...

Music Reviews

Fear Not the Obvious

by The Yayhoos | reviewed by Larry Crane

With a name like the Yayhoos you wouldn't expect to take them seriously, and you don't need to. But they did make a seriously great record. You might remember our pal Eric "Roscoe" Ambel from many...

Music Reviews

Shadows on the Sun

by Zen Guerrilla | reviewed by Larry Crane

Jack Endino [Tape Op #13] is one of the nicest guys. He also makes the loudest fucking records. This is his second album producing Zen Guerilla, recorded at Studio Litho in Seattle, where they must...

Music Reviews


by Bugatti Type35 | reviewed by Larry Crane

A while back we interviewed Wendy Schnieder, who owns and runs Coney Island Studio in Madison, Wisconsin. This is her band, recorded at her studio, but here's the gist: You see, every time people get...

Music Reviews

Too Loud for the Snowman

by Sanford Arms | reviewed by Larry Crane

I confess - here's another occasional Tape Op contributor, Ben London from Seattle. He used to be in a flat-out rock band called Alcohol Funnycar, and here collaborates with his bandmates to create a...

Music Reviews

Closed Circuit

by Peter Jefferies | reviewed by Larry Crane

One time Peter Jefferies and I stayed up way too late, sitting on my front porch getting drunk. It was then that I realized why I loved this guy's music so much, because we were both big fans of some...

Music Reviews

Drawn From Life

by Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm | reviewed by Larry Crane

Eno is one of my favorite artists and producers, so I usually pony up for every new release. Sometimes I'm a little disappointed lately, like with The Drop, where it just feels a bit uninspired. Drawn...

Music Reviews


by Jenny Toomey | reviewed by Larry Crane

Jenny is a occasional writer for Tape Op, former member of Tsunami, Grenadine and Licorice, and used to run Simple Machines Records (who put out a great booklet on how to release your own album years...

Music Reviews

Manic Expressive

by Her Space Holiday | reviewed by Larry Crane

Marc Bianchi, the man behind Her Space Holiday, was one of Tape Op's first subscribers, but he doesn't need that to persuade me into enjoying this record. This was recorded at home on 1/2" 8-track,...

Music Reviews

Grave Disorder

by The Damned | reviewed by Larry Crane

If the Damned called you to make a record you'd do it. Admit it, as much as you might consider them has-beens the chance to make a record with Dave Vanian's awesome voice or Captain Sensible's crazy...