Jeff Scott Roberson Summer's Here These two albums carry the torch for traditional country music. Hawks land in the Gram Parsons camp, which is a pretty good place to be. This CD has some great tunes and some good tunes. It might have been more solid as an album if someone had made the difficult decision to cut this down to 10 tracks instead of 14. Very well produced and recorded by Paul Lucques and Shawn Nourse, and mixed by Ethan Allen. Mastered by Bruce Barielle in New Orleans. No studio credits. Mr. Roberson skews much more traditional and tracked nine songs live over two sessions in Nashville. Some great musicians, with roots in classic recordings from Nashville, Memphis and Motown, help things along. Produced by Ed Pettersen and mixed and mastered by Bob Olhsson (Tape Op #30). Studios/engineers included The Castle (Nashville/Rich Feaster), Java Jive (Nashville/Dave Martin) and Ultrasuede (CIncinatti/John Curley). Mastering at Georgetown Masters, Nashville.,

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