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July 13, 2023


Sonic Boom: Music Can Be Anything

by Larry Crane

Noah Lennox and Pete Kember Photographed by Ian Witchell After Tape Op's online editor Geoff Stanfield interviewed both Noah Lennox and longtime collaborator Pete Kember [#46] for the Tape Op...


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End Rant

The DynoPopper X-10

by Larry Crane

Photo by Roman Sokal, courtesy of Audio Crowbar Dynamics. Having recently spent more time working on the Tape Op Gear Reviews section of this magazine, one thought keeps creeping into my mind and...


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Auto-Align 2 Plug-In

by Sound Radix  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Ever since getting a very patient and life-changing call from mastering engineer John Golden [Tape Op #121], where he explained that my snare drum and overhead mics on many of my mixes were out of...

Custom Analog Console

by Iron Age Audioworks  |  reviewed by Walker Phillips

I recently got an email from Matt Walton at Iron Age Audioworks, “Hey John I’ll be in the San Francisco Bay Area in a few weeks installing a console. Maybe we could meet up for a beer or...

LiN2A Leveling Amplifier

by Lindell Audio  |  reviewed by Mike Kosacek

When I first saw the Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Leveling Amplifier, I admit I got excited. I use my Lindell Audio LiN76 [Tape Op #153] quite a bit, so I couldn’t wait to try this one. As soon...

IN-UNF Monitor System

by Kali Audio  |  reviewed by Adam Kagan

Kali Audio has swiftly established a notable reputation in both professional and home studios, and quite a few professional engineers have been quoted saying that Kalis match or outperform monitors...

Various Shock Mounts

by Peluso Microphone Labs  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

When I saw the Peluso ad for their shock mounts in the last issue of Tape Op, it immediately piqued my interest. I have several vintage microphones that do not have good shock mounts that Peluso makes...

Sub10 MK2 Active Subwoofer

by ADAM Audio  |  reviewed by Daniel Ryan Morse

When I tested the ADAM Audio A7V nearfield monitors [Tape Op #153], I also acoustically measured my control room for the first time. It brimmed with problem areas. Though I will defend home recording...

Hornet Mic/Instrument Preamp

by Useful Arts  |  reviewed by Corey Reidy

With the Hornet, Useful Arts had a mission: In 2018, the company's founder, Peter Swann, teased that a yet-to-be-named solid-state mic pre/DI “small enough to throw in a backpack” would...

Cloudlifter CL-X

by Cloud Microphones  |  reviewed by Scott McDowell

If you’re reading Tape Op reviews and love recording with ribbon and dynamic mics as much as I do, then you’re probably already familiar with Cloudlifters. Also known as “mic...

88M USB Audio Interface

by Neve  |  reviewed by Corey Reidy

As I began writing my review for Neve’s 88M – the company’s first step into the world of USB-powered desktop interfaces – I struggled to find words to describe Neve that...

SuperPlate Reverb Plug-In

by Soundtoys  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

I've been a fan of Soundtoys' Little Plate [Tape Op #123] since it came out years back, but in the back of my mind I aways wondered if "Little" meant a more complicated version was coming, in the vein...