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Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking w/ Andy

by Andy Hong

The LED indicators on my Cherry SPOS G86-61410 USB keyboard [Tape Op #56] are stuck in forever-blinking mode. Reflashing its firmware didn’t expunge the gremlins, so I decided...


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P331 Tube Loading Amplifier

by Whitestone Audio Instruments  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

The P331 Tube Loading Amplifier is the debut product from Whitestone Audio Instruments. Dave Rosen investigated making a device for line level audio signals to enhance wife Kim Rosen’s [Tape Op...

iD14 MKII Interface

by Audient  |  reviewed by Chris Hughes

My biggest fear when using a new interface is always, “How much downtime will there be before I can get this thing up and running?” The drivers are never up to date out of the box, my OS...

Tantra Bass Tube Preamp

by Sonic Farm  |  reviewed by Kirt Shearer

A bass amp is not a typical product often seen on the review pages of Tape Op. Reviews usually center on mainstream recording equipment as opposed to performance amps, but I was really curious about...

THERMAL Distortion Plug-In

by Output  |  reviewed by Scott McDowell

I’m a big fan of distortion plug-ins – these days, who isn’t? If you are, you’ve got to check out THERMAL, from Output. There’s so much to this plug-in that I’ve...

RootOne Plug-In

by Leapwing  |  reviewed by Scott McDowell

If you find yourself chasing modern low end, you’ll eventually end up playing with a subharmonic synthesizer. There are plenty of options, ranging from outboard gear like the dbx 120A...

Brusfri Noise Reducer Plug-In

by Klevgrand  |  reviewed by Gus Berry

About two months ago, I was mindlessly scrolling on Instagram when an ad for a “Noise Reducer” plug-in caught my eye. (Yes, I know, I got reeled in by an Instagram ad). It showed an artist...

73JRII 500 Series Mic Preamp

by Heritage Audio  |  reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

If you’re an audio professional, it’s likely you know the simple number “73” means only one of two things: It’s either a reference to the revered Neve 1073 mic pre/EQ, or...

249 Multi-Pattern Tube Mic

by Flea Microphones  |  reviewed by Don Gunn

I usually like to structure my reviews with a full description of the product I’m writing about, then provide my experience with it (along with use cases during the review period), and...

Expression Knob

by El Garatge  |  reviewed by Jonathan Saxon

For effects pedals with an expression input, consider using the Expression Knob by El Garatge. It’s well made, saves space, and is easy to use – I love it! This L-shaped device has a...

Stellar X3 Microphone

by TechZone Audio  |  reviewed by Tony Vincent

I love microphones. When used – or abused – in the right situation, I’m a firm believer that nothing will give you an interesting tone or character like a unique microphone. Whether...

LL2A Compressor Limiter

by Little Labs  |  reviewed by Eli Crews

I’m always excited to see a new product from Little Labs. I’ve been collecting Jonathan Little’s [Tape Op #75] ultra-handy studio devices for over 15 years, starting with the...

A133 Condenser Microphone

by Audix  |  reviewed by Dylan Ray

I would be hard-pressed to remember a recording project where I didn’t use an Audix microphone. Your initial reaction to the name Audix may paint a picture of affordable workhorse dynamic...

Classic 5 Studio Monitor

by KRK Systems  |  reviewed by Fiona Gurney

Learning the ideal applications of your gear is an excellent ear training exercise, and frankly half the job – whether you’re a recording engineer or a musician. For me, simply remembering...

DBX 160 Compressor/Limiter UAD Plug-In

by Universal Audio  |  reviewed by Mike Kosacek

Universal Audio has been quietly updating some of their previously released plug-ins with new features that you may have overlooked if not watching closely. About four years ago, I purchased the dbx...

Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm (Film)

by Hannah Berryman, Director  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

In 1963 in the Welsh countryside, brothers Kingsley and Charles Ward set up shop and began recording rock bands on their family’s farm. A few years later, they became the first...

UF8 Advanced DAW Controller

by Solid State Logic  |  reviewed by Tony Vincent

I vividly remember the first time I was exposed to moving fader automation. I was 12 years old, and the medium-sized recording facility was centered around two seminal Yamaha DMP7 [Tape Op #122]...

Comp IIT Compressor

by Daking  |  reviewed by Adam Kagan

Geoff Daking began his career as a drummer in a signed band, then became a recording engineer, and almost three decades ago began building his own brand of recording gear in California. This is to say...