End Rants

Sporadic and regular articles from our contributors.

Nov/Dec 2012

End Rant  |  No. 92

Eliminate Variables

by Larry Crane

I finally figured out what makes for a successful tracking session: simply eliminate the variables. On one level this could be seen as pre-production combined with concise decision making. Certainly...

Sep/Oct 2012

End Rant  |  No. 91

Tell the Truth

by Larry Crane

A while back I had an interesting session recording auditions and providing camera audio feed over the course of three days for 24 instrumental and vocal performers, all of whom were hoping to get on...

Jul/Aug 2012

End Rant  |  No. 90

You Have a Credit Problem

by Anu Kirk

Your magazine was not the first place I'd seen Count's "I Have a Credit Problem" essay [Tape Op #89], but I feel compelled to respond. I agree with his general ideas — credits should be shown,...

May/Jun 2012

End Rant  |  No. 89

I Have a Credit Problem

by Count

Over the last few years we've seen an explosion of online music services. Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Soundcloud and dozens of other platforms are touted as groundbreaking ways to deliver...

Mar/Apr 2012

End Rant  |  No. 88

Perception - The Final Frontier

by Ethan Winer

In Tape Op #86, Greg Calbi related his early experiences as a mastering engineer. I was struck by his comment that professional mix engineers would ask him if a bass or vocal was too loud or too soft....

Nov/Dec 2011

End Rant  |  No. 86

The Little Misunderstanding

by Larry Crane

In issue #84 I wrote an End Rant entitled "The Big Misconception." In it, I railed against the concept that a computer could replace an entire studio. I still say it can't really do as such, and to...

Jul/Aug 2011

End Rant  |  No. 84

The Big Misconception

by Larry Crane

Here's the scenario: You're reading an article in a magazine about the current state of the music business. You come across the inevitable part where the journalist talks about how empowered musicians...

May/Jun 2011

End Rant  |  No. 83

End Rant #83

by Larry Crane

So you just graduated from recording school? Congrats to you! But here are a few things you might not have learned in school: You will initially blame the musician for not having the right sound,...

Mar/Apr 2011

End Rant  |  No. 82

Bad Investments???

by Larry Crane

A reader in our letters section [Tape Op #75] recently bemoaned the fact that a virtual instrument plug-in he had purchased was no longer functioning properly and that he had received no support from...

Jan/Feb 2011

End Rant  |  No. 81

Four Tracks and an Attitude

by Luther Russell

As a teenager in 1985 I slaved away all summer as a prep cook to buy a $500 Tascam Porta One 4- track cassette recorder. I proceeded to do what a lot of musicians of my generation did: record like...