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Jul/Aug 2013

TOC Intro  |  No. 96

TOC Intro #96

by Larry Crane

While preparing to interview Ken Caillat for this issue, and reading his book, Making Rumours (about his time engineering and producing Fleetwood Mac's Rumours), I decided to ask him if he felt there...

May/Jun 2013

TOC Intro  |  No. 95

TOC Intro #95

by Larry Crane

Are you recording local artists? Are you a musician? Are you a fan of music? Are you a fan of great recordings? Does a vibrant live music scene mean a lot to you? I'll bet you answered "yes" to more...

Mar/Apr 2013

TOC Intro  |  No. 94

TOC Intro #94

by Larry Crane

I spend a fair amount of time pondering what to write about for the End Rant of Tape Op. We are 94 issues in, and sometimes it's difficult to think of topics I haven't covered before. Being that I own...

Jan/Feb 2013

TOC Intro  |  No. 93

TOC Intro #93

by Larry Crane

Imagine that you've become somewhat comfortable recording songwriters and bands in your very modest home studio. It's been fun; you've pushed the gear to its limits to get half-decent results, and...

Nov/Dec 2012

TOC Intro  |  No. 92

TOC Intro #92

by Larry Crane

How do we get better at the craft of recording music? For me, and from what I've gleaned over the years from other producers and engineers, there is one simple fact: I am never 100 percent happy with...

Sep/Oct 2012

TOC Intro  |  No. 91

TOC Intro #91

by Larry Crane

One topic of conversation I always have with fellow engineers centers around keeping up with new local music and how to go about getting recording gigs. Professional engineers can get locked away in...

Jul/Aug 2012

TOC Intro  |  No. 90

TOC Intro #90

by Larry Crane

I remember my first experiences of being captivated by actual studio creations; not simply drawn in by the songs as I had been before, but instead intrigued by the sound of the recorded music. It was...

May/Jun 2012

TOC Intro  |  No. 89

TOC Intro #89

by Larry Crane

People often mistake what the art of recording music actually is. Learning how to choose and set up a microphone is simple. Gain structures should be obvious, once you learn the basics. Recording...

Mar/Apr 2012

TOC Intro  |  No. 88

TOC Intro #88

by Larry Crane

Tape Op gets a certain kind of letter frequently, and they all basically say the same thing: "I'm young. I really like recording. Where do I go from here?" Part of me can empathize with and...

Jan/Feb 2012

TOC Intro  |  No. 87

TOC Intro #87

by Larry Crane

I've been taking on a lot of recording and mixing sessions this year. In between these sessions I work on this magazine. That doesn't leave much room for the rest of my life. I'm lucky to have an...

Nov/Dec 2011

TOC Intro  |  No. 86

TOC Intro #86

by Larry Crane

While interviewing Bob Weston in 2000 for Tape Op #18, one of his comments took me by surprise. He told me, "Some bands just assume I won't record them. They assume I'm too busy, that I'm too...

Sep/Oct 2011

TOC Intro  |  No. 85

TOC Intro #85

by Larry Crane

As I was nearing the end of one of the bigger album projects I've done this year, I had this thought: "What is my job?" Now first off, don't get on my case about professional engineer/producer versus...